About Centre for Energy Strategies

The Centre for Energy Strategies (CES) at the Gdańsk Institute for Market Economics is a place of debate on the strategic options for the Polish energy sector.

Our goal is to set this debate on:

  • looking at energy sector through the prism of general interest of the development of Poland,
  • integrated (holistic) thinking including a wide range of different (domestic and international) points of view,
  • thinking which combines theory with practice, based on the experience and collective wisdom, not fearing of looking far ahead.

Our actions and communication are designed to support the Polish energy policy – by promoting knowledge and inspiring its creator and implementers, engaging the key stakeholders of the energy sector and reaching out to the wider public.

Team CES

Jan Szomburg Jr.
Jan Szomburg Jr.
Vice-president of the Board of GIME,
head of the CES
Marcin Wandałowski
Marcin Wandałowski.
Redaktor CSE
Katarzyna Topka
Katarzyna Topka
Sekretarz CSE